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why us?

  • We promise exceptional customer service and mutual respect to all our sponsors, because this is the key element to a successful business relationship.
  • Audience members of sports talk radio are “appointment listeners”. They tune-in regularly, follow programs consistently, and are receptive to new marketing messages within programming content. And, they are far less likely to change the station increasing the probability that your advertising messages are heard.
  • When you want to reach the sports demographic in San Antonio, there is no brand that delivers to the people of sports talk radio like Sports Grind Entertainment.
  • Radio advertising has a long history of being influential to a mobile and active society
  • Our shows average listening time is greater than 45 minutes, allowing the advertisers message to be remembered
  • WHAT DOES SPORTS RADIO DELIVER? Sports Radio delivers your advertising message in the most focused media outlet in this market. Sports talk delivers something even more important than Market Share – Sports talk delivers Wallet Share by targeting the active, professional male18-54 year old demographic group and saturating the airwaves with your message. Radio is the only media that 95% of all American's are exposed to on a daily bases.
  • Listener demographics: 75% male, 80% 24-60 years of age,
    & 65% College educated


Twenty Grand Vodka
Dos Equis
Dave and Busters
Sea Island
Mama Margie's
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