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on air talent

We will provide our employees with a work environment that fulfills their personal and professional goals conducting themselves in the highest standards: Hard work, dedication, productivity, service, honesty, pursuit of excellence, resourcefulness, ethics, morality, integrity and perseverance.



  • Calvin, President & Chief Executive Officer -He's a native San Antonian who is a graduate of Roosevelt High School and prior to SPORTS GRIND, worked in marketing and sales. He is an eager, ambitious and highly motivated entrepreneur.

  • Rudy J, Sr. Vice President -Was born in Tyler, TX and raised in San Antonio. A self proclaimed sports fanatic "with a weird affection for the game of soccer," which he played for 20 years. Rudy is a fan of the LA Lakers, the Chicago Bears, Texas Longhorns as well as the WNBA's Silverstars
  • Johnny (Salami), Vice President -Although Salami was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Salami has called San Antonio home since the early 90's. He's very much a simple guy who's a die hard Wu-Tang Clan fan and a MLB fanatic. With his favorite baseball team being the St. Louis Cardinals. He hopes to complete his list of one day of seeing the Cardinals play in every MLB stadium, having already completed 13 out of 30. So "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at."



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Caliente Harley Davidson
Adrew M. Garza
Buffalo Wings & Rings
Rock San Thai Resturant Sushi Bar

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