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Jeremy Lin Responds To ESPN Racist Headline

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New York Knicks Jeremy Lin commented on ESPN’s actions after his game against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

“I don’t think it was on purpose or whatever, but (at) the same time they have apologized. And so from my end I don’t care anymore,” Lin said after leading the Knicks to a 104-97 win over Dallas on Sunday. “Have to learn to forgive, and I don’t even think that was intentional. Or hopefully not.”

ESPN says it has fired the employee responsible for posting a racially insensitive headline it deemed “offensive” about Lin. The network has also suspended an ESPN anchor who used the phrase on the air while interviewing Knicks legend Walt Frazier. During its investigation of the Lin incident, ESPN says it turned up a third inappropriate reference on ESPN Radio.

Sunday’s statement from ESPN does not name the staffer who posted the headline — or say whether it was inadvertent or deliberate:

“At ESPN we are aware of three offensive and inappropriate comments made on ESPN outlets during our coverage of Jeremy Lin. Saturday we apologized for two references…We have since learned of a similar reference Friday on ESPN Radio New York. The incidents were separate and different. We have engaged in a thorough review of all three and have taken the following action.”

The ESPN employee responsible for our Mobile headline has been dismissed and the ESPNEWS anchor has been suspended for 30 days. The radio commentator is not an ESPN employee.

“We again apologize, especially to Mr. Lin. His accomplishments are a source of great pride to the Asian-American community, including the Asian-American employees at ESPN. Through self-examination, improved editorial practices and controls, and response to constructive criticism, we will be better in the future.”

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