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Jason Taylor Says Chad Henne Is More Talented Than Mark Sanchez

Giveth Time

After spending a year with the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor has a rave review for what he considers to be one of the division’s up-and-coming quarterbacks and it isn’t Mark Sanchez. Taylor has seen both Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and Jets Sanchez up close, and he feels Henne is more talented. Drawn back to the Dolphins after a surprise call from coach Tony Sparano in the offseason, Taylor has been impressed with Chad Henne’s improvements.

“We need to grow and we need to continue to change, and I think Chad has grown immensely since I left here a year ago,” Taylor told NBC Miami. “I saw a kid in New York, Mark Sanchez, that is young, I don’t think he’s as talented as Chad Henne.”

Henne’s play has improved this season, although the Dolphins are 0-3. Prior to the season, Henne was given responsibility to call audibles at the line of scrimmage. And when fans booed him during a scrimmage, Sparano and Dolphins players were quick to come to his defense.

Taylor also shed light on why he left Miami after 2009, blaming one person: former team adviser Bill Parcells.

“You know I’m very comfortable and confident in saying he’s the reason why I left Miami,” Taylor said. “For whatever reason, Bill and I didn’t see eye to eye or I don’t even know if we had a chance to see eye to eye, because we never really communicated like that. It was just Bill didn’t like me, didn’t want me around or whatever.”

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