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Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley Pillow Talk

Pilliow Talk

Pillow Talk

I did not create this but found it to be hilarious. All the credit goes to TexasTravesty.com, fabulous work.

Colt McCoy: Today was exhausting…I am so tired from football practice.
Jordan Shipley: Practice was good today. You threw a lot of footballs.
CM: And you caught a lot of footballs. Hey! No cleats in bed.
JS: Sorry, I forgot. Don’t tell coach.
CM: I won’t.
JS: Oh, and don’t forget to take off  your helmet.
CM: Dang it, I always forget. Haha, look, Helmet-hair!
JS: Nice…G’night, Colt.
CM: G’night, Shipster…
JS: …
CM: …
JS: Pssssssssst, Colt?
CM: …
JS: You still awake?
CM: Yeah, buddy. What’s up?
JS: Whatcha thinkin’ about?
CM: …touchdowns.
JS: Me too!
CM: …
JS: …
CM: …
JS: I can’t sleep.
CM: Why?
JS: It’s just…you know, there’s a lot of things on my mind.
CM: What’s on your mind, Shipper?
JS: Football things. Like, things that…oh never mind, you wouldn’t understand.
CM: Try me.
JS: Do you remember the time you threw me that touchdown pass?
CM: Yeah.
JS: And do you remember that other time when you could have thrown the ball to anyone, but you threw it to me?
CM: Of course I do. Why?
JS: Well…can you keep a secret?
CM: Of course I can, Big Ship!
JS: Sometimes, when you throw the ball to me, I worry that I won’t catch it.
CM: Really?
JS: Yeah, but don’t tell anyone.
CM: Are you kidding? You always catch the ball.
JS: Hey, you’re right, I do!
CM: It’s like your hands are made of big nets. Ha, you’re Mr. Net-Hands!
JS: Haha!
CM: (jumps up and down on bed) NET-HANDS!!! NET-HANDS!!!
Coach Mack Brown: You boys keep it down in there! We have football in the morning!
CM: (rolling eyes) We ALWAYS have football in the morning.
Coach Mack Brown: What was that?
CM: Nothing!
JS: Sorry coach…
Coach Mac Brown: Alright now, you boys get some sleep.
CM: …
JS: …
CM: …Hey Jordan?
JS: What?
CM: I meant what I said, you know, about touchdowns.
JS: Really?
CM: Shhh…you heard coach. I really do, Jordan.
JS: You think anyone knows we’re roommates?
CM: Naw. Let’s keep it our little secret.

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