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Who will win the NBA Title in 2015?

A week before the All-Star break who will win the NBA title in 2015.  There was a question on “Pardon The Interruption” which infused this poll of SportsGrind fans. The question was the Hawks and Warriors game from last night, who was that a more important win for and why?

The reality is that games before the All-Star break should not define a season for any team. Unfortunately, the Hawks players seem to think the game had a playoff feel to it. I guess for a franchise

Kawhi Leonard getting ready to check back in.

Kawhi Leonard getting ready to check back in.

that has struggled to stay relevant it is meaningful to win a game against a team that is considered to be the favorite in the Western Conference.

With all of this said, we want to know what you all think. Who do you think is the favorite to win the NBA Title this year. Even though it doesn’t really make sense to guess before the All-Star break, it is fun.

3.Golden State
4.San Antonio

Don’t forget to leave a comment with a reason as to why you picked that team to win it all.

Power of a Dream – (Exclusive clip) Half-Time in the Locker Room

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NCAA: The Playoff Committee got it Right!

Less than a week removed from the final playoff rankings were announced and it is safe to say the playoff committee got it right. The top four teams, Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State made their case throughout the year and this post is not meant to defend the selection, but instead to offer support to why the committee is correct in their selections. TCU and Baylor are terrific teams and both had a great season but unfortunately they play in a conference that no longer has a championship game. The obvious point being made is each of the four teams in the playoff rankings won their conference championship but what if the two 1-loss teams in the Big 12 were Oklahoma and Texas? Would Ohio State still get the benefit of the doubt from the committee?

Lucky for Barry Alvarez he did not have to present that argument against Texas or Oklahoma, Baylor and TCU’s non-national relevance made the argument for the Big-10 representative behind closed doors easy. If TCU and Baylor want to make a case for why they should be in the playoff, they should start by asking why the Big-12 has not grown the conference since the departure of Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska? Filling in two teams has not been easy for the Big-12 and the conference is not as powerful as it once was.  12 teams would allow for the conference to introduce a championship game again and therefore making the committee’s decision next year even harder but why is it so hard to get two teams to join the conference. Would the two teams that join the conference actually help in the strength of schedule or power rankings? What teams might be interested? Boise State? UTSA? I challenge you to comment on the blog and give an idea of who might help the Big-12.

The argument is not why the committee selected the final four, but instead what does the Big-12 need to do going forward to ensure this does not happen again and more importantly does not happen to their sweethearts, Oklahoma and Texas.

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The Power of a Dream

Castillo, who turns 32 this coming December, stepped onto the football field at University of the Incarnate Word at age 28, with no prior football experience, ready and willing to chase a wild dream. The father of two had already reached rock bottom, faced enormous demons, and was struggling to figure out how to be a better dad to his children when he decided that he would go to school and play football.

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